FlipaClip Unlocker/Mod APK Latest Version for Android & iOS

If you have ever used or currently using the FlipaClip app which is an awesome app for creating cartoon animations, you must have noticed that, in its free version, there are some disturbing ads and the available features are also limited. But there is a solution which can make it possible for you to use this app without having to face the ads and can also unlock the pro features of the app without purchasing the pro version of it. Here I am talking about the FlipaClip Unlocker App which can do that for you.

Difference Between FlipaClip & Unlocked Version

As indicated earlier also, FlipaClip and Unlocked version both are the different applications. Both of the apps are available for both the Android and iOS gadgets/devices.

Before moving ahead to learn how to get the unlocker of the app, it will be good if you first understand the difference between both of these two apps. The main differences are as follows:

  • FlipaClip app is an amazing Android/iOS app for creating cartoon animations. On the other hand, FlipaClip Unlocked is just a supplementary program which, if installed, will unlock some pro features in the free version of the FlipaClip App.
  • FlipaClip app is available in the Play Store/App Store. On the other hand, the unlocker app is not available in the Play Store/App Store. You will have to get its APK from a third party website which offers it.

How To Get FlipaClip Unlocker App?

FlipaClip Unlocker APK Download for Android iOS

In order to have the FlipaClip Unlocked app in your Android/iOS gadgets, you should follow the steps given below:

Step #1:

First, install the FlipClip App (the raw version) on your Android/iOS phone/gadget.

Note: In order to install the FlipaClip app, first, go to the Play Store/App Store. Search for the “FlipaClip”. Once you find an option for the app, click on the “Install” button. The installation will start and complete within a few seconds.

Step #2:

Once you have the raw version installed on your device, you are good to go for the unlocker. But the FlipaClip Unlocked App is not available in the Store. You will have to download its APK from somewhere in order to be able to install it on your phone. Hence go to any trusted app downloading site.

Step #3:

While you are on the downloading site, search for the keyword “FlipaClip Unlocked App”. In the search results, if you find a trusted website offering the unlocker of this app, go for it.

Step #4:

Click on the “Download” button. The downloading process will start.

Step #5:

Once the downloading and installation process completes, open the FlipaClip App already installed on your device.

Step #6:

Check whether the unlocker app has made the required changes in the raw app. If the ads are gone and some restricted features are now available, then it’s done. But if you don’t see any change in the app, you should reboot/restart the device.

Step #7:

After the device starts again, reopen your app. Now surely, you will be able to have your FlipaClip app with the effects of the unlocked version. And that’s it.

Important: It’s better to buy a premium version of the FlipaClip App to use more features.


It is a bit hard to find out the APK for the FlipaClip Unlocker App. But once you manage to find it out, the process to use it in your device is quite easy.

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